Service & Maintenance Packages

As the provider and installer of Elite Smoke and Fire Curtain Products, we offer periodic inspections of the installation, to ensure that the product is maintained in a fully operative state. Please be aware it is a legal requirement to maintain all fire related equipment and as the Smoke/Fire Curtain is part of a life safety system, and is connected to a fire alarm system, there is an obligation under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to ensure testing is performed in accordance with BS5588-12.

Our fully trained engineers can attend a six monthly (recommended for commercial applications) or twelve monthly (residential) intervals. They will carry out a variety of checks and adjustments which will immediately pick up on any problems, avoiding the need for costly emergency call outs. Our engineers will also conduct a thorough inspection of the system from which they can give an accurate assessment of its condition.

Preventative Maintenance Schedule

We will:

  • Check condition of all bottom bars, capping strips and their interface with the ceiling
  • Check roller headboxing, fixings, roller is properly secured in position
  • Check operation of curtains under power and Gravity Fail Safe modes
  • Inspect integrity of all curtains in the down position, for tears, snagging, stitching etc.
  • Check mechanical action in side guides etc, (where applicable)
  • Check correct alarm signal operation
  • Check correct setting of top and bottom limits positions, adjust as required
  • Complete electrical check list form
  • Indicate alarm signal source
  • Check correct operation of all LEDs at controls
  • Check and adjust ascent and descent speeds as required
  • Check additional controls operational (where applicable)
  • Replace Back-Up Batteries

Please contact us for our pricing menu on our Service & Maintenance Packages

Normal Office Hours 0900 – 1700 Monday-Friday if unattended please leave a message and we will
contact you as soon as possible

For URGENT maintenance response out of normal office hours please call 07791 784242
(Additional charges may apply)

The Fire/Smoke Curtain/s have been installed as ‘Life Protecting Equipment’ in accordance with the overall
Fire & Fire Engineering of the building, and therefore must be maintained, by qualified personnel on a regular basis.