Smoke Curtains

Elite Fire Containment Services Fire and Smoke Curtains are at the very forefront of state of the art engineered smoke strategies.

The original primary use of smoke curtains was for smoke containment and smoke channelling, particularly in complex buildings such as airports and shopping centres.

Smoke sealing and smoke permeability are now important considerations and in both cases Elite Fire Containment Services smoke and fire Curtains have viable curtain solutions.

The specification of Elite Smoke Curtain has been utilised by architects and fire engineers in buildings all over the world. It is a highly regarded for its lightweight robustness and quality engineering.

The Elite Smoke Curtains have the follow accreditations:

  • EN 12101 B Reliability Test
  • EN 12101 C Air Leakage Test
  • EN 12101 D FR & Integrity Test
  • UL 10D Fire Protective Curtains 60 mins
  • UL 10D S Smoke Sealing
  • UL864 Releasing Devices
  • EN1634-3 Assembly Leakage
  • BS476 – 6 & 7 Fire Propagation / Surface Spread
  • BS7346 – 3
  • Fabric Type X32K
  • Fabric Rating 60 minutes
  • Fabric Weight 540gr/sq. metre
  • Curtain Descent Gravity fail-safe